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Tylers Hoof Products Company Owner & Farrier

My name is Aron Tyler, and I am a UK based farrier with over 15 years’ experience.


I am incredibly lucky to have trained and lived with Marc Thomas Jones DipWCF Hons and his lovely family. Marc is widely regarded as a leading voice regarding farriery and hoof care.


Training as a farrier I quickly became aware of how fundamental hoof care was, not only in relation to my limited visits to trim and shoe horses but on an ongoing basis. Far more time is spent between a horse or pony and their owner than with their farrier. Hoof maintenance on an ongoing basis between visits has an incredibly positive impact on the state of a horse and ponies feet. A happy horse needs healthy hooves!

I have been involved with horses, both on a personal and professional basis, for as long as I can remember. During my riding career I achieved 5 world titles as a games rider, competing at the very top level for over 10 years.  I travelled all around Europe and competed alongside horsemen  and women from a variety of disciplines. During this I picked up some invaluable insights from trainers, riders and other horse owner which has helped to shape and refine my understanding of stable management. This showed me that although there were some good hoof products available, there was A LOT of room for improvement. This led me to experimenting with formulas for [creams and oils] to apply directly to the hoof.  


Over the years I’ve added and adapted a set of unique and carefully chosen ingredients to create the perfect blend. I have tested this product on a wide variety of horses and ponies in the UK and Europe and the results have been resounding; Tylers hoof products works and improves hoof quality without exception. Tylers has not only proven effective when applied to the hoof, but to the sole of the foot as well (the frog included).


We are a family run business based in Berkswell, Warwickshire. The carefully formulated product is blended with care and attention by hand by ourselves so we know exactly what is included and can ensure quality control. From sourcing the ingredients to packing and distributing, as many elements as possible are sourced locally and we are dedicated to using recycled and sustainable produce.


We are fully stocked and ready to send product to you, so give Tyler's Hoof Products a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Farrier Working On Equine Hoof Care
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