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🌟 Welcome to a new era of equine care! We're thrilled to announce the release of our Essential Hoof Care Bundle – a carefully crafted collection designed to elevate your horse's hoof care routine. To share the excitement, we're giving you a chance to WIN this bundle, retailing at £55.80!

What's Inside?

✨ Hoof Oil with Brush: Specially formulated for easy and even application, our hoof oil nourishes and conditions, leaving hooves resilient and shining.

✨ Hoof Wax: Our premium hoof wax creates a protective barrier against the elements, ensuring moisture retention and preventing dryness.

✨ Hoof Butter: Pamper your horse's hooves with essential nutrients, providing deep hydration and maintaining hoof elasticity.

✨ Antibac Spray: Combat bacteria and promote a healthy hoof environment with our gentle yet effective antibac spray.

Bundle Competition Popup14_01_2024.jpg
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Why Choose Our Bundle?

✅ Comprehensive Care: Cover all your hoof care needs with this carefully curated bundle.

✅ Quality Formulas: Crafted with high-quality ingredients for effective and lasting results.

✅ Convenience: Simplify your routine with hassle-free, accessible hoof care.

✅ Perfect for All Horses: Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to equine care, this bundle is designed for everyone.

How to enter

To mark this special occasion, we're giving away the Essential Hoof Care Bundle to one lucky winner! Sign up for our mailing list below to enter the giveaway and celebrate the release of this exceptional bundle.

Join us in celebrating the joy of equine care. Sign up now for your chance to win – because your horse deserves the very best!

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Terms and conditions apply. Contest ends mid feb. Winner will be notified via email. Retail value based on individual product prices. Experience the joy of equine care with our NEW Essential Hoof Care Bundle!

Bundle Competition Popup14_01_2024.jpg
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